We are a millennial agricultural investment firm that focuses on creating and enhancing investment opportunities in the agribusiness sector through partnership with agripreneurs, farmers and farm managers.   Our focus areas are: 1. Crop Production 2. Agricultural Real Estate and Development 3. Agricultural Consultancy 4. Animal Husbandry   Our Products are: 1. GreenHills Cassava Farmstead – an Agriculture investment platform that provides you with a smart, secured, profitable, guaranteed opportunity of owning a minimum of 2 plots with as low as NGN180,000 per plot in a 10,000 hectares of arable farmland and resorts in Ogun State and earn guaranteed 7.7% ROI every 10 months among other unique benefits. 2. SoCrunchie Coconut Flakes – a delicious and healthy snack made from fresh coconuts, born out of our desire to enhance agricultural produce and present to end users an excellently packaged and healthy alternative


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